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When viewed from a medical perspective, the warped notion that a drug or medication that is applied in the treatment of specific ailments or diseases could be successfully administered to patients irrespective of gender correlations could be a blurred approach in helping needy patients and sometimes, could be fatal if adequate measures are not taken to curtail the resultant effects.


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While there are striking similarities in the health complexities of both genders, after all both  are rightfully humans and uphold the full right of gender equality. It is obvious that there are significant differences to warrant making adjustments to the types, ways and manner at which specific drugs for varying ailments are produced and administered to both  the men and women folks respectively.

When  put on a comparison scale; the anatomy, body psyche and emotional complexity of a woman are significantly different from that of an average man. And the way and manner a woman responds or behaves when battling with a particular ailment or infection  are entirely different from the way a man will respond or behave when confronted with a similar health situation.

Moreover, there are quite a number of health issues that are specific to the female gender. Therefore, the need to address it specially.

Furthermore, it should be well stated that the overall concept behind this site is not meant to promote one gender over the other. rather it is aimed at proper understanding of the female attributes and qualities for a better relationship with our partners, parents and the girl child.

In addition we believe that when the set goals are fully achieved. And until then can we can complement each other, knowing fully  well that we cannot live comfortable without the other.






We are a combined team of of experts, technocrats, health professionals, scientists, lab experts, business men and women, parents, consumers, end-users and people from other walks of life who are on a day to day mission to contribute our honest quota to represent, lead and furnish our respective communities and the world at large with useful information to the overall health needs of today’s woman.

We are on a constant drive to discover the best and latest health pills that works for today’s woman. These includes diet pills, fertility pills, breast enhancement pills, brain pills, PMS pills and many more…..

We review and recommend effective drugs with little or no side effects. We are very confident that our partners are among st the best in the health and pharmaceutical industries with sustainable track records and many years of customer satisfactions.






We adopt very strict policies when selecting who we work with. Additionally our partners are carefully selected using specific criteria s aimed at protecting both our readers and merchants alike. Unlike several other sites out there, we stand by our reviews, knowing fully well that we are equally protected by our legal policies and terms of use.

Below are our selection processes.

1. Drugs we recommend: We ensure that drugs we recommend such as diet and weightless pills are produced from the highest standards from reputable and well known award winning companies whose topmost priorities are meeting the overall health needs of the global consumers.

2.Doctors Recommendations: In addition, we ensure that drugs we recommend are medically certified and highly recommended by medical professionals from around the world to protect our clients.

3. Little or no side effects. While some drugs and medication with caffeine among its ingredients for example, weight loss pills are well known to have side effects, we strive to ensure that health pills we recommend are specially prepared tablets with little to no known side effects

4.Testimonials From Real Users. Unlike what some health review sites do in order to attract unsuspecting buyers to their websites. At evapills.com, we ensure that the pills we recommend to our site users have all been tried and tested by real users. We go to any length to authenticate our claims basically to absolve ourselves from any false or misleading claims. We know what it is. to invest money in a product or service and end up being disappointed due to someone making outlandish claims of how a product would deliver and only for the item not meeting up to clients expectations or under delivering.


5. Money Back Guarantee: Among the many benefits you stand to get when making a purchase by ordering from our partner websites when you click on the buttons above, this may be by far the most intriguing part as only few reputable companies can stand by offering a money back guarantee.


This implies that by clicking on any of the above links, you will instantly be directed to the product page of any of our reputable partners who will ensure that drugs that you purchased are shipped right to your billing address and more importantly, get a refund if not completely satisfied with any of your purchases.


6. Medically Certified And Endorsements from leading health Professionals: We go out of our way to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the products we recommend by getting leading medical authorities to test out our products in order to endorse it for private and public use. This again is a step ahead of what prevalent in most health stores.